Congratulations to the 10 Finalist Teams!

Congratulations to the 10 Finalist Teams!
Hello Readers, It has finally arrived! Today, the X PRIZE Foundation announced the Finalist Teams competing in the Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X CHALLENGE and we couldn?t be more proud. These hard-working teams are about to develop technology that may influence the of future oil spill recovery technology and effect an entire industry. They are (drum roll please):
  • Elastec, USA
  • Koseq, Netherlands
  • Lamor, Finland
  • NOFI, Norway
  • OilShaver, Norway
  • OilWhale, Finland
  • PPR, USA
  • Voraxial, USA
  • Vor-Tek, USA
You can learn much more about all of the competitors by visiting the teams page. With $1.4 million on the line, teams are excited to begin this journey and so are we. We look forward to seeing all the teams test in New Jersey this summer. Congratulations again and welcome to the Final Countdown! Good luck! Alex at X PRIZE

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