We Love Our Supporting Partners!

We Love Our Supporting Partners!
Hi Readers, I?d like to introduce you to Shell, one of our supporting partners. Shell Exploration and Production Company has partnered with the X PRIZE Foundation to bring oil industry experts and other leaders together to help promote the Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X CHALLENGE and bring the winning technology to market. As an industry leader in oil spill preparedness and response, Shell has been at the forefront of innovation and technological advancements to ensure that the most effective equipments are used to contain spills and protect the environment. Through partnerships with environmental experts and by using new technologies, Shell is continuing to find ways to help reduce impact on the environment. The company continues to work to prevent incidents that may result in spills of hazardous substances. This means making sure its facilities are well designed, safely operated, and properly inspected and maintained. It also includes an effective oil spill emergency response capability. To the X PRIZE Foundation, Shell?s commitment to innovation and environmentalism makes us proud to have such an impactful partner standing beside us to help take our teams to the next level of oil cleanup technology. Thank you for standing with us. Alex at X PRIZE

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