Thank You Snap-on

Thank You Snap-on
Where would we be without our innovative partners? Please meet the Preferred Tool Vendor of the Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X CHALLENGE ? Snap-on Inc., global innovators in their own right. Snap-on was a clear choice in partners as they recognize and believe in the importance of safeguarding our natural resources and global environmental heritage. They have pledged to protect the environment and to implement environmentally sound policies specifically designed to prevent, protect and repair the negative impacts on our environment. Just as the X PRIZE Foundation is committed to finding ways to create smarter, healthier, less invasive ways of conducting business, Snap-on is 100% committed to conserving and preserving water quality and keeping our oceans clean, making them a perfect fit for our Competition! Thank you Snap-on for your continued partnership with the X PRIZE Foundation ? here?s to clean oceans! Thank you

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