Final Testing Dates at OHMSETT!

Final Testing Dates at OHMSETT!

The team?s final dates of testing at OHMSETT have been confirmed! Does anyone have a local team they support? Check out the schedule below for the dates your local team will be competing! The teams will be at OHMSETT for a total of 10 days, but the dates below are the dates they will actually test their technology in the water. When testing, each team will have one day to test in still water, and one day to test in water with rocky conditions and waves.



·         VorTek: 7/27-28

·         PPR: 8/3-4

·         OilShaver: 8/10-11

·         Elastec: 8/17-18

·         CRUCIAL: 8/24-25

·         NOFI: 8/31-9/1

·         Voraxial: 9/8-9

·         Koseq: 9/14-15

·         Lamor: 9/21-22

·         OilWhale: 9/28-29

Help support your favorite teams by blogging, tweeting and spreading the virtual word about their fantastic systems. This is an exciting time and we can?t wait to bring you more details!

Alex at X PRIZE

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