Team Vor-Tek Kicks Off the Competition at OHMSETT

Team Vor-Tek Kicks Off the Competition at OHMSETT

Team Vor-Tek has arrived at the OHMSETT facility in New Jersey and they are ready to take on the competition! The team has been working hard in the extreme heat and humidity of NJ, scrutinizing their technology to be sure it is properly functioning and is in competition condition. Does their system have what it takes to endure the strenuous set of tests they are about to confront? Has their preparation been enough to win? They're counting on it.

Team leader Ashley Day and team member Fred Giovannitti are environmentally conscious entrepreneurs who created a passive, environmentally safe system that works to remove dangerous particles (like oil), from the surface of the ocean. This group, based in California, which includes team members Dan Creighton, Ryan Njavro, Greg Cicero and Cliff Newbie (the team's engineer) has entered the EEL, or Emergency Extraction Line. The EEL is a fundamentally a chain of floating horizontal modules that extend out from a main support vessel (or oil platform) in a weir boom setup. A pipeline running through the modules is attached to a pump on the vessel drawing both surface and subsurface oil (and water) through intakes on the side of each module. Once pumped aboard the vessel, the oil and water are fed through a separator, taking the oil out of the water, but leaving the water where it belongs.

Vor-Tek, being the first Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X CHALLENGE team in the OHMSETT pool to test, is about to embark upon history in the making and we wish them well.

To read more about their story and how they brought their vision to reality, check out their official team page.

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