OilShaver prepares to test at OHMSETT!

OilShaver prepares to test at OHMSETT!

Teams Vor-Tek and PPR have finished testing and as we say good-bye to these U.S. based teams, we welcome to NJ our first International team ? OilShaver!

This Norwegian based team is just as excited as their competitors who have paved the way for them and we can?t wait to see what their system will do when it enters the water.

Team leader Ingvar Huse and team members Terje Hemnes, Jorunn Sanden and Jarle Einar Gundersen have developed ?OilShaver? based on their previous knowledge of fishery trawl technologies. The technology is based on a shaving process where the oil spill film is shaved off the surface before it is exposed to the turbulence induced by the collection device. The shaved off oil is then led into a containment volume between two long pontoons where it forms a river powered by inertia towards the collection unit with a hydraulic pump. The pontoons are spread out from the ship side at 45 degrees to the towing direction without the aid of paravanes or other spreading devices. The collection unit with the pump is therefore close to the stern of the towing vessel, requiring only a short pumping line.

For a complete overview of OilShaver, photos, video and more, visit their team page

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