Wendy Schmidt Visits Competition!

Wendy Schmidt Visits Competition!

When Wendy arrived at OHMSETT recently, she was noticeably delighted to see one of our Finalist Teams (PPR from Washington and Alaska) poised and ready for action.  Guided through the activities of the day by Vice President of Prize Operations, Cristin Dorgelo, Wendy spoke with team members about their goals, the Competition, and their experiences on the ground during testing.   Noting the enthusiasm and passion of the teams for the journey they were embarking upon, Wendy noted, ?No matter what, win or not win, these folks CARE about the problem. I can see how you could become pretty attached to the competitors in this race.  It is a race for a solution to an urgent problem, and the teams certainly understand that.?

During her time at OHMSETT, Wendy was not only able to observe a team?s test in action, but was also invited to visit the OHMSETT lab during sample testing where she practiced the process for testing an oil sample?s interfacial tension. Wendy also met with NWS Earle Commanding Officer, Captain Harrison .  This was an eventful day for all of us, and for Wendy, her visit held validated her ongoing commitment to the development of breakthrough technologies that can significantly improve our response to future oil spills.

?You all are changing many lives-- you are showing us all what aspiration looks like.? said Wendy ? and we couldn?t agree more. Our Finalist Teams are truly an inspiration for all.

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