It is CRUCIAL that we Introduce Our Next Team

It is CRUCIAL that we Introduce Our Next Team

As the weeks fly by and the doors at OHMSETT seem to be revolving faster than we ever thought possible, we find ourselves welcoming another team to our home away from home.  Welcome to your field test week CRUCIAL ? get ready, it?s going to be a wild ride!

Team members Wally Landry (team leader), Richard Forbes, Debbie Alberto, and Jody Trapani all play integral parts within CRUCIAL, Inc., a worldwide distributor and manufacturer of oil spill response and environmental control products and equipment. This Louisiana based team manufactures an absorbent coating material that can be applied to the company's drum or disc surface skimmers in minutes. Once in place, it reportedly boosts those devices' oil recovery rate by up to 500 percent. 

In response to the Deepwater Horizon event that occurred in the Gulf of Mexico, CRUCIAL felt it was important to investigate all avenues (both corporate and private) that might lead to more efficient containment and recovery of oil spills. Said CRUCIAL, ?The Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X CHALLENGE provided an a unique method of stirring the creative processes to improve oil skimmer technology.?

To visit their team site, click HERE.

Good Luck CRUCIAL!

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