Team NOFI Ready to Test at OHMSETT

Team NOFI Ready to Test at OHMSETT

Five teams have completed testing ? hard to believe, but true. We are now officially half-way through of the $1.4 million Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X CHALLENGE and it seems like just yesterday we were welcoming our first team. 

This week we welcome our second Norwegian team to the OHMSETT facility in New Jersey. A distant journey from their home town of Tromsø, Norway, team NOFI is about to encounter more than just climate changes ? they are about to experience the competition of their lifetime! Team NOFI - made up of team leader Dag Nilsen, and team members Øystein Woie, Tor Kristian Fagerheim, and Birgit Pedersen - will test their single vessel unit called the Current Buster 6, which collects, separates and stores oil in an alleged current up to five knots. Their system, incorporating a flexible v-shaped surface boom towed between two vessels or alongside one (via an overhead arm), corrals oil down to the end of the V where a separator removes it from the water. We can?t wait to see this system in action!

Team NOFI believes ?an ongoing focus on innovation and diversification? is the most important strategy. We couldn?t agree more.

For more information, please check out their website HERE and check out their team page HERE

Good luck to team NOFI.

Alex at X PRIZE

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