Welcome to New Jersey, Voraxial

Welcome to New Jersey, Voraxial

While we continue to make up Competition time post Hurricane Irene, we are excited to welcome our next team to the testing tank. Due to some inclement weather (thanks Mother Nature) and the Labor Day weekend, we are swiftly working to keep everyone on schedule as the final few competitors are in our sights.

Team leader Laura Di Bella and team members Alberto Di Bella and John Di Bella are part of Enviro Voraxial Technology, a company which developed its oil spill technologies in the aftermath of the Valdez Oil Spill. As you can probably tell, this is a family business, and one should never underestimate the power of family ? especially one so passionate about oil spill cleanup.

The Voraxial® Separator is a high ?g? force, continuous flow machine that separates large volumes of fluids based on their different densities. The Voraxial® impeller is a non-clogging, low shear device designed to produce a vortex in the fluids flowing through the unit with the heavier fluids (water) being drawn to the outside of the vortex, while the lighter materials (oil) are drawn to form a central core. In this manner, separated streams are produced. A specially designed manifold at the exit of the separation chamber is utilized to collect the separated streams. Did you catch all that folks? In a nutshell, one (1) Voraxial® 8000 System can be deployed to process a claimed 172,000 barrels of oil and seawater mixture per day!

"The lack for readily deployable oil spill response vessels and equipment became painfully aware to the public at large after the explosion and subsequent sinking of the Deepwater Horizon platform. We at EVTN appreciate and applaud everyone involved in the development of this Challenge and encourage and support all of its participants, for every contribution toward this worthy cause is a guaranteed step in the right direction."

Thanks Voraxial, we appreciate the shout out and wish you the best of luck!

For more information, visit their team page and their website.

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