Lamor Greets OHMSETT With High Hopes

Lamor Greets OHMSETT With High Hopes

While the final remaining team prepares for their impending arrival, we at X PRIZE are eagerly anticipating the arrival and testing of team Lamor from Finland.

Lamor, as a company, has been in the oil spill response business since 1982, constantly developing new concepts, technologies, methods and products for efficient oil spill response in all kind of environments. Fred Larson, the team?s CEO, works with 6 other members to make up team Lamor who feel the Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X CHALLENGE is a good opportunity to demonstrate practical and efficient recovery technologies with a worldwide interest.

"We are extremely happy about this X CHALLENGE as we believe it will result in new ideas, methods and technologies for the benefit of the environment.?


At OHMSETT, Lamor will unveil their system, a new high capacity offshore Oil Spill Recovery concept with scalability potential based on their patented oleophilic brush technology.

X PRIZE agrees with Lamor?s philosophy behind the desire to get involved with the Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X CHALLENGE, that no matter what and regardless of the winner, this Competition will result in better technology, and new systems that will work together to clean up oil, and in turn help the environment.

For more information about team Lamor, click HERE, or visit their team page HERE.

Alex at X PRIZE


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