OilWhale is Ready to Reveal Their System

OilWhale is Ready to Reveal Their System

It seems like yesterday that we arrived in New Jersey, ready to take on the world (so to speak) and now we are entering our last week of testing.  Time has flown by for our staff, judges and teams and with our final week upon us we are ready to welcome OilWhale to the tank.

OilWhale, having gained international awareness at several conferences and exhibitions, spent years developing, building and testing their prototype model before confirming their plans to participate in the Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X CHALLENGE.  Team leader Markku Järvinen along with team members Markku Lehtinen, Heikki Järvinen, Sampsa Veijalainen, and Aki Veijalainen are finally ready to reveal their system, a project four years in the making. 

"Disasters like the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico indicated that there is no appropriate equipment for collecting oil in challenging environments like high seas. The Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X CHALLENGE is important because it is a significant step toward finding a solution that is both effective and environmentally sustainable."

OilWhale?s unique recovery system was built to either be contained within a barge like module pulled alongside (or pushed in front of) an existing vessel, or incorporated directly into a ship. While the moving ship takes in surface oil via a ramp, the oil floats on top of the collected water. The water is then released into the ocean by opening gates in the hull bottom, leaving the oil in the reservoir.  Operating at higher speeds than traditional methods, the team claims a higher than standard recovery capacity and efficiently which they intend to prove this week. We at X PRIZE can?t wait to see this final competitor in action.

To read more about their unique technology, visit their website and to learn more about the team, check out their team page.

Alex at X PRIZE

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