Countdown to the Awards Ceremony: Team Vor-Tek

Countdown to the Awards Ceremony: Team Vor-Tek

It has been a busy time for Vor Tek since their testing began back in July for the Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X CHALLENGE.  Not only were they the first to test, making them the team who has had to wait the longest for the results, but they were the first to respond when we asked them what they had been up to since they tested.

?This has marked the beginning, for us as a company, the oil industry and for the environment as we are re-defining and re-shaping a new approach to environmental protection and remediation," said Ashley Day, team leader. 

"We are currently preparing and planning to foster new relationships with industry partners, investors and focusing on key markets areas where our technology can be accepted and effectively utilized.   Win, lose or draw in this competition, we are moving fast  to extend our reach in this industry with new ideas for more effective and sustainable recovery solutions.?

Check out some of Team Vor Tek's competition highlights.


For a select few, this competition may be a grand ending.  A fantastically poignant way of entering a competition to see if they could make a difference and then sailing off into the sunset proud to have achieved so much but wishing to complete their journey with a handshake and a desire to move forward with other projects.  For Vor-Tek, this experience has left them wondering about the possibilities that await them and has provided them excitement about their future.

?There are multiple elements to this experience that makes our journey such a unique and special adventure to every team member involved.  There are few times when you are presented with the opportunity to make a real change, not only through technology benefiting our environment, but through people.  It's has been an inspiring time for everyone involved and for the people watching,  as we have witnessed an idea become a reality through this competition which can ultimately  transcend current methods and schools of thought towards oil recovery.?

As we count down the days until the winners are revealed, we pause to thank the team who started it all...Vor Tek.  Thank you for your enthusiasm and above all your willingness to go the distance. 

Good luck to you!

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