Official Testing Completed

Official Testing Completed

The teams have all completed their field testing and the data is in the lab for analysis, which means that we are almost at the end of the Competition.  Almost.  Just like that, we have wrapped up our testing of the 10 Finalist teams. The Competition challenged each team beyond what they imagined, taking them out of their comfort zones into uncharted territory filled with emotional and physical hurdles as well as uncontrollable natural disasters.

Ten teams.  Ten weeks.  Eight Judges.  Hundreds of man hours.  Thousands of gallons of oil.  Thousands of miles travelled.  One hurricane.  Innumerable memories.  Immeasurable experiences.

Thank you and congratulations to the teams for completing their testing.  You should be very proud.

Vor Tek:  First out of the gate to test, ready to prove that they are a force with which to be reckoned

PPR:  In the words of one of the team representatives, ?We made an oil slurping, fish sucking, pickle pumping machine.?

OilShaver:  Four team members, knowing initially almost nothing about oil spill cleanup emerged with a wealth of knowledge

Elastec/ American Marine:  From firsthand experience during Deepwater Horizon to testing near the Jersey Shore

CRUCIAL:  Louisiana team with a desire to win the Competition in honor of their state deeply influenced by Deepwater Horizon

NOFI:  Our fantastically patient Hurricane Irene survivors, need we say more?

Voraxial:  The family bound by technology, devotion and homemade pasta

Koseq:  Slicing through the water with their rigid arm system, this team was more than flexible when it came to testing

Lamor:  All work and no play is not the motto for this team. When challenged to a dance competition they accepted, prepared & participated with pride:  much like their testing

OilWhale:  Proving innovation can come in many forms, this team showed up with some unique components to their system?jet ski anyone?

It has truly been a fantastically moving experience to have been able to meet these teams and witness their technologies and their solidarity in action. 

As the Judging Panel begins its deliberation, we wait.  We wait for October 11th when we will announce the winners in NYC!

In the meantime, stay tuned and look for daily updates to our website including some never before seen video taken while testing!

Alex at X PRIZE

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