Countdown to the Awards Ceremony: Team CRUCIAL

Countdown to the Awards Ceremony: Team CRUCIAL

What does a team do once they have left the heart of the Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X CHALLENGE?  What does one do to occupy their time now that creating, building, and testing is complete?  Team CRUCIAL returned home from the Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X CHALLENGE testing at Ohmsett still excited about the experience, ready to dive into new adventures.

?Not only had we ?rushed out of town? ahead of Hurricane Irene, but our heads were spinning with a multitude of ideas as to how we could have improved our performance," said Wally Landry, CRUCIAL team leader. 

"These ideas have been discussed here at the office and solidified into design changes for future models.  The X CHALLENGE experience will certainly play a part in CRUCIAL building better equipment for our clients.?

When it comes right down to it, the Competition is so much more than winning $1M.  It is about the ability to have seen your system in action, tested it to its limits, and come out of a once in a lifetime opportunity better than when you went into the Competition.  Making a difference, changing the way an established culture thinks about oil cleanup and hopefully moving into a direction of opportunity for the teams and for the technological advancements as a whole are the goals ? lofty but achievable goals.

The X PRIZE Foundation is extremely proud of our teams and we thank you CRUCIAL for giving it your all.  Good luck, team CRUCIAL!

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