Countdown to the Awards Ceremony: Team NOFI

Countdown to the Awards Ceremony: Team NOFI

One might ask, now that the Competition has come to a close, what does a team do after the excitement passes?  Do they look back on their performance and feel accomplished?  Have they effectively achieved their individual goals?  Do they go back to the drawing board to improve upon their systems?  Are they ready for what comes next?  All fair questions and yet, the answers for some teams may be as uncertain as who will win on October 11th.


?Looking back at the time we spent in New Jersey working with X PRIZE and Ohmsett testing our equipment, we are very pleased with how it preformed," Dag Nilsen, Team NOFI representative said.

"The Competition has been really inspiring for us.  No matter where the NOFI team ends up in the Competition the most important factor is that we are confident that in the next real oil spill we will be able to achieve world class recovery results.?

As the oil spill cleanup industry sees the developing technology of the competing teams, we, as a Foundation, anticipate that these teams may in fact be called upon during future spills to challenge their systems once more on a much broader scale.

The X PRIZE Foundation wishes NOFI the best of luck as we await the results of the Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X CHALLENGE.  You have been a vital competitor and certainly one to watch in the future.

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