Countdown to the Awards Ceremony: Team Lamor

Countdown to the Awards Ceremony: Team Lamor

While most teams had already completed their testing at Ohmsett, Lamor was just beginning their time on the ground with the Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X CHALLENGE.  A time that they waited patiently for and when their turn was upon them, they were not disappointed.

?Our testing and official test runs have run extremely smoothly with no flaws," Jari Ahoranta, team representative said.

"The equipment has been running according to expectations and the performance of it gives high hopes that we can do a lot to save the oceans from oil spill disasters with the right tools, tactics and people. But it has not been all about equipment and hard facts of testing and performance. We have also had great fun . . . we have not laughed so much in a long time. This shows that all boils down to something greater than just having the best equipment. In oil spill recovery operations and life in general, everything relies on team work and above all:  great humanity.?

A surprise benefit to being one of the final teams to test, was the opportunity to showcase their equipment to some special guest visitors.

?It has been a tremendous experience for all of us and we would like to thank all persons and organizations involved. We would like to highlight the visit of Wendy Schmidt, the X PRIZE CEO Peter Diamandis and all the other VIPs. We understand how much effort the X PRIZE Foundation has made to put all pieces together for this Challenge, for which we are truly grateful.?

Lamor has officially wrapped their testing and they have headed back home, anxiously awaiting the results.  We wish them the best of luck with great thanks for their participation and constant enthusiasm. 

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