Countdown to the Awards Ceremony: Team OilWhale

Countdown to the Awards Ceremony: Team OilWhale

OilWhale completed their Wendy Schmidt Oil Cleanup X CHALLENGE official team testing on September 29th, just twelve short days prior to the Award Ceremony in New York.  While a dozen days may not seem like a long time to some, to others it is a slow lifetime.  Teams who have worked so diligently to create technology that can rapidly and efficiently clean up surface oil spills are anxiously awaiting the results but looking back, have already come away from the Competition with successes.

?Now that our tests are done and after seeing our unit in action, we got the confirmation that the OilWhale method does actually work," Aki Veijalainen, team representative said.

"We are extremely grateful to the X PRIZE Foundation since they made it possible for us to test our OilWhale prototype at the excellent  Ohmsett facility. Our expectations were to test and prove the proper operation of an OilWhale unit.  With the help from the Ohmsett professionals and the people from the X PRIZE Foundation, we were able to complete our test program.?

As the final team heads off into the New Jersey sunset, they look ahead with aspirations of changing the future of the industry.

?In the future we're looking forward to starting collaboration with corporations that have enthusiasm in improving innovative and already proven oil recovery methods.?

Thank you for your perseverance OilWhale ? we wish you luck!

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