XPRIZE Pandemic Alliance

Creating a powerful coalition to accelerate solutions

XPRIZE, in collaboration with Anthem, launched the XPRIZE Pandemic Alliance to unite a diverse group of Partners from across sectors – corporations, universities, NGOs and government – to solve this and future pandemics in three key ways:

  • Collaborate:
    Share ideas and resources to initiate and turbocharge projects to solve COVID-19.
  • Compete:
    Identify and participate in prize challenges that incentivize the key breakthroughs necessary to solve the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Scale:
    Help scale the impact of promising and vetted COVID-19 solutions.


289 COVID-19 Solutions Presented

437 Alliance Thought Leaders Engaged

18 Projects Initiated

6 Competitions Launched

20 Task Force Members

More than 80 XPRIZE Pandemic Alliance Partners

62.5 Million Dollars in Prize Purses and Scaling Impact Funds

Pandemic Alliance Competitions

Alliance Partners


This global alliance of uncommon partners, including the world’s innovators, clinicians, researchers, data scientists, institutions, and experts, is created in collaboration with launch partner, Anthem.

Boston University

City of Los Angeles

George Washington University School of Engineering and Applied Science

Harvard Labratory for Innovation Science of Harvard







Incredible Health



Lake Nona Institute

MIT Solve




UCLA Health



VA Department of Veterans Affairs

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The COVID-19 Response Task Force will advise in selecting the most urgent and promising solutions that will help prevent, contain, and stop the spread of COVID-19. The group will have visibility into the exchanges on the XPRIZE Pandemic Alliance platform, will help identify potential breakthroughs, facilitate conversations and connections between innovators and resources, and bring in additional stakeholders.

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A Platform for Solutions

XPRIZE is well known as the world’s leader in developing moonshot solutions using the power of prizes and the genius of the crowd. Rooted in this deep experience, the Pandemic Alliance is a framework for developing COVID-19 solutions via the following platforms:

Screenshot of Data Exchange Platform

  • Exchange - Our digital collaboration platform, which facilitates match-making between partners so we can leverage the network of Alliance Partners to contribute their resources, data and expertise to drive the latest COVID-19 breakthroughs.
  • Data Collaborative - The Exchange plugs directly into the XPRIZE Data Collaborative platform, and allows data to be shared and analyzed via the latest advancements in Machine Learning and AI, while guaranteeing privacy, traceability, and transparency. As a neutral third-party, XPRIZE is uniquely positioned to convene contributors from both the private and public sectors. This resource serves as the backbone for Alliance efforts to generate new data-driven insights and develop technologies that predict, diagnose and treat COVID-19 faster and more efficiently.

A Better Tomorrow

Even after we solve the current COVID-19 crisis, the threat of global pandemics remains one of many existential threats to humanity. We need to figure out how to engineer a more resilient society. This Alliance community serves as an antibody against threats to our future – ready to identify, incubate and resource technologies that future-proof our society.

Get Involved

If you are in a position to contribute to our XPRIZE Pandemic Alliance, we welcome you to join. Please fill out this form and we will get back to you to discuss your specific areas of expertise and how we can leverage those in this global fight. Members will also be invited to join our online response community where we exchange ideas, insights and cutting edge trends around how our alliance is using data to defeat this and future pandemics.